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Are you searching for a home that’s as unique as your family? You don’t have to scour the market for your dream home. Dotson Group LLC offers commercial and residential design consultations and new construction services that allow you to build or remodel a property that reflects your style.

We’ve been working in Nashville, TN for almost two years now. Our owner can draw on over a decade of industry experience, and our crew has accumulated over 100 years of combined experience. Reach out to us today to get started on your residential or commercial design.

Begin a project that inspires you

Our owner previously managed the construction side of a high-end landscaping company and ran the University of Tennessee’s construction and architecture programs. We have the skills and experience necessary to offer you the best in:

  • Commercial design and residential design consultations
  • Home renovations and property flips
  • Room remodels and additions
  • Commercial remodels and additions
  • Structural solutions
  • Tenant build-outs

We’re certified, licensed and insured. Call today to learn more about our commercial and residential design consulting services.

The blueprint is just the beginning

Dotson Group builds homes that are precise—down to the square inches of the initial blueprint. With a degree in architecture, our owner is skilled at providing commercial and residential design consultations. During your design consultation, we’ll discuss your expectations for the project and complete drawings that will serve as the basis for your dream home.

Contact us today to get started on your new residential construction or commercial design project. We’ll travel up to 25 miles outside of Nashville, TN to work on your project.


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